Ebbinge Belgium: Boardroom advisory, Executive Search and Executive Interim Management for director and senior management positions for Entrepreneurial SME

Executives for Entrepreneurial SME’s.

Entrepreneurial SME

The freedom of entrepreneurship appeals to many and is associated with responsibility, independence, hardworking and (financial) success. The company culture of SME’s is usually ‘down to earth’, with of internal politics limited to a minimum.

A significant number of candidates in our talent-network starts reorienting towards SME management and/or (co-)ownership after a successful first career phase of 10-20 years. They aim at Executive Committee roles, in some cases in combination with an MBO/MBI construction.

Although many of these talents dream of becoming an entrepreneur, only a small group qualifies for this challenge. Achieving successful growth is challenging and demands a combination of IQ, EQ, pragmatism and a mentality of never giving up. 

Ebbinge invites talented (future) entrepreneurs for career counseling meetings with one of our consultants, to discuss qualification and feasibility required to manage a SME. We bring only the most outstanding candidates in contact with our clients.

More than 70% of our SME clients are owned by Private Equity firms, with the objective to grow and create value on an international level.

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