Ebbinge Belgium: Executive Search and Executive Interim Management for director and senior management positions for companies in the Trade and Industry sector

A traditional business that is rapidly becoming modern.

Trade & Industry

‘A traditional business that is rapidly becoming modern'  is how the Trade & Industry sector can be characterised, in which the emphasis is more and more on specialisation and added value. Excelling worldwide in niche markets. We provide ‘new style' directors and senior managers who organise and realise changes.

Area of operation

In the Trade & Industry sector, we cooperate with both privately owned (private equity and family business) and listed large and medium-sized companies. In this sector we focus on executive and senior management positions and Supervisory Board members for companies in very diverse fields, such as producers in the construction, metal and consumer durables sectors. But also wholesalers and retailers, logistics service providers and transport companies. It is a broad area of operation which also includes the supply chain (logistics, storage and transport) and engineering & maintenance.

Managers who realise change

A broad area of operation, which is developing rapidly. An area that requires a new vision on management and that involves managers who bring about changes. Partner Rakhal van Orshoven: "The days of general trade are over." It is more and more about specialisation, as with trading, or about supplying added value. Companies that not so long ago had a wholesale function are now operating as system integrators. Their added value is the ‘total solution'. The same largely applies to the ‘manufacturing industry'. Small components of a larger whole can cause a huge amount of consequential loss if they don't work properly. For example, precision work that you prefer not to have carried out in the Far East. The companies here succeed by innovating and remaining at the forefront in terms of the quality of their products and processes. These companies are being led by managers who are at the cutting edge in their professions.

Professional with personality

The requirements for new managers are mainly on the level of personal development. Knowledge of the specialist area remains an important basis, while connecting people and partners and taking stock of the ever flatter world are increasing in importance. Working on ‘soft values', professionals developing their personality, is still a challenge in this sector.

Information and contact

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