Sustainability & Impact

With sustainability now taking center stage in many investment and business decisions, new leaders are emerging.

Sustainability & Impact

Climate change is becoming an increasingly important topic: Private Equity houses, entrepreneurs and executives are increasingly placing sustainability at the center of their decisions. The new leaders attach great importance to achieving and aligning value creation and sustainability objectives.

Ebbinge recognizes the leaders of the future and includes them in our community of sustainable leaders. We take pride in supporting ventures and funds committed to making the difference for our planet. This includes pure players in the new green economy or companies seeking to reduce their footprint or the ones they invest in. Whilst it is a matter of having a positive impact on our generation and future ones, it is also one of the markets with untapped growth potential.

Our track record in sustainability comprises several Partner and Principal level missions for sustainability & impact investment funds, often in a context of creation, as well as several C-level missions for portfolio companies operating in sectors such as electric mobility, renewable energy or recycling.

Sustainability & Impact

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