Strengthening and developing people, teams and organizations


Ebbinge helps increase the resilience and effectiveness of enterprises. We intervene at the individual, team and organizational level. Our specialized consultants, senior coaches and trainers put the organization's interests central. By increasing clarity in communication, increasing mutual understanding and empowering execution, organizations are able to optimize the deployment of their people. Ebbinge has in recent years improved the performance of different kinds of organizations. From large multinationals to private equity firms, from consultancy to entrepreneurial mid-market companies. We intervene everywhere people play a crucial role in the organizational effectiveness.

Scientific research shows that there is a positive correlation between the financial performance of organizations and the quality of their human capital. Ebbinge measures the existing qualities of individuals, teams and organizations through assessments and motivations research. Starting point is the strategy of the organization. From there, qualities, roles and skills, needed to achieve the set objectives, are determined. It's all about developing people, teams and organizations, with the aim of increasing personal effectiveness, setting a winners mentality and developing a transparent, high performing culture.

Examples of assignments that Ebbinge Advise has already executed:

  • Due diligence of the management team of a company to be acquired.
  • Determining a seamless succession strategy in a family enterprise. And advise on the recruitment of a new general manager, including the identification of the key competencies and the selection assessment.
  • Perform an executive assessments of the CEO of a private equity portfolio company for a large private equity firm.
  • Bring about a change in culture within a private equity house, aimed to create a high performing team. By determining individual and common needs and aligning those with the strategy and objectives of the firm.
  • Search, select and assess a “plug and play” team to manage a newly setup investment company. We were mandated by a high net worth family to recruit a team for a new investment company the family was setting up.
  • Coach a CEO of a digital company (mid-market) in order to effectively manage its complex stakeholder structure.

Ebbinge advizes customers in a wide range of sectors. We offer strategic consulting, development assessments (individual and team) and coaching.

Information and contact

Rakhal van Orshoven and Gino Perez

T: +32 (0)490 45 51 57