Top talent, the future leaders.

High Potential Search

Since 1988, Ebbinge has been the market leader in the Benelux when it comes to recruiting top college graduates. Students who are among the best in the country. Students who we expect to develop themselves, as 'generalists' or as specialists in their chosen field. We help them to kick-start their careers.

Top students network

Ebbinge High Potential Search brings leading companies in contact with top college graduates. Students that we believe will succeed, either as generalists or as specialists in their fields.

These top college graduates distinguish themselves from other students due to their:

  • Above-average capacities*
  • Excellent study results
  • Strong personalities
  • Distinct career ambitions
  • Successful extra-curricular activities during their studies
  • Experience abroad

* Ebbinge candidates score at least 10% higher in intelligence and capacity tests than the average student.

Campus Student Recruiters

The 100 Ebbinge Campus Student Recruiters introduce promising fellow students out of their social network. Then Ebbinge Campus selects candidates on the basis of an intensive selection procedure. We work according to the philosophy: a career for a college graduate. This means that the candidate is the central point of focus. We try to find a position and a company for each candidate, because we believe that this view benefits both sides the most.

Information and contact

Gino Perez, Charlotte de Beauffort and Thomas Legros

T: +32 (0)490 45 51 57