Executive Search, Executive Interim Management and High Potential Search.


Better people, teams and results. For clients who are looking to connect with the top 5% of our network - the candidates in the uppermost society. National and international. In this segment, we look far beyond the possible candidates. Here, it is a matter of gaining a solid understanding of the actual ‘business' of the private or public-sector corporation, company or organisation. Executive Search starts with the assignment itself.

At Ebbinge, we understand the importance of delivery. From ensuring business continuity to overseeing strategic change projects, our aim is to support companies, private equity firms and advisory firms in finding the temporary resources needed to achieve results.

Ebbinge helps increase the resilience and effectiveness of enterprises. We intervene at the individual, team and organizational level. By increasing clarity in communication, increasing mutual understanding and empowering execution, organizations are able to optimize the deployment of their people.

Since 1988, Ebbinge has been the market leader in the Benelux when it comes to recruiting top college graduates. Students who are among the best in the country. Students who we expect to develop themselves, as 'generalists' or as specialists in their chosen field. We help them to kick-start their careers.